defn. / A Guru Rebel is someone (anyone) who represents an idea, who trains with great discipline, mental toughness, and perseverance
to become an influential teacher of said idea and then who rises in opposition against an established order. 

You see the term Guru used to be a respected position in society. It used to stand for things like integrity, strong character, always looking out for and doing what's best for your student/client...

...it used to stand for honor and for working with a "how can I serve you" mindset vs. "how can I sell you." People used to seek out guru's rather than cringe when they heard the name. 

So you can think of Guru Rebel as not only representing an idea, but a movement of sorts. I don't own Guru Rebel. No one does. I'm just one of them who has aligned with an idea whose ethos (characteristic spirit of our culture as manifested by each one of us) holds me to account for treating every client with a fiduciary responsibility.  All are called. Few are ready . . . 

It's Radical. It's Rebellious. It's The True Path to Abundance.

If you've ever asked yourself any of these
questions, you're in the right place . . .

"How can I get more targeted leads and say goodbye to chasing my deadbeat warm market?"
"How can I recruit like a top producer in order to create results consistently and on-demand in my business?"

"How can I position myself as the expert (the Guru Rebel) in my world so that prospects are eager to work with me rather than run the other way?" 

"How can I find people who are already looking for what I have to offer?"

"How can I leverage the power of the internet to crush it like the top producers are?" 

"How can I learn to become a true entrepreneur?" 

I wholeheartedly believe smart network marketers who want to win in today's online economy
MUST commit to becoming master marketers, and recruiting professionals. Period. 

But where do you find the time to do this while working a full-time job... running your family as a stay-at-home mom... and (on-top-of-it-all) dealing with the demand to learn the skills you need to create the freedom you crave? Instead of chasing your friends and family, believing everyone is your prospect, buying into all the "get rich quick" nonsense, and believing the answer is at your next company event or a book your upline told you to read, subscribe to Guru Rebel (its' free). 

"There are very few people who consistently demonstrate character, integrity & passion in their business. When you combine that with the way Chris focuses on serving his clients you have a very powerful combination indeed. If you're looking for a team focused, positive minded leader whose strengths are mentoring/coaching and relationship building, and who has a learn today act today mentality then you're looking for Chris White!"

Phil Meyers 
Marketing Strategist & Business Owner, Denver, CO

"Chris White is focused and engaged -- one of my hardest working Officers -- no task is too difficult... he is an outstanding leader who is easily top 25 percent of all Company Grade Officers under my command in 18 years of military service."

James Page 
Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Force


The Guru Rebel movement was founded by Chris White. Chris is a world class marketer, entrepreneur, and mental toughness trainer. 

After building a very successful online marketing agency working with local business clients, Chris redirected his focus back to his passion: Empowering solo-entrepreneurs with accurate thinking around uncommonly proven formulas and straightforward strategies that get results fast without all the stress and strain. This is expertise Chris has developed over his 17+ year career as an entrepreneur working alongside 17 multi-million dollar producers. People like, Tony Robins, Michael Port, Chet Holmes, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, and Greg Gomez III. 

Chris has discovered through much trial and error the most effective path to success inside any business is to execute a strategy of preeminence that positions you inside your market as the best and only option for your prospects. To do this effectively you must become a master marketer, a recruiting professional, and mentally tough. This is at the core of what Chris has honed his expertise on and what he is passionate about teaching. 

If you're ready to commit to a path of true entrepreneurship that empowers you to create your own personal economy then Chris is your guy.

Chris is a #1 recruiter and equity shareholder inside a 2 billion dollar health and wellness company. He is a top rated professor of leadership and peak performance from The University of Colorado - Boulder. He is a decorated military officer who spent 12 months in a combat zone while serving with the Army in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Chris has been called a genuine connoisseur who is empowered by a gritty edge and his bent for prestige and passion. If you were to throw J.R.R. Tolkien, John F. Kennedy and NEO into a pot and stir them up . . . well, you'd have Chris. His ultimate purpose is empowering business owners to be Extraordinary. 

He is married and lives in Denver, Colorado with his family. 

A remote village in the Hindu Kush mountains of northern Afghanistan.

Chris's 7 word bio:
Agent of Hope. Determined Outlook.
Ollin Ethos.

defn. Ollin: to move and to act now by following your path in life wholeheartedly.