Network marketing success with systematized adventures

Your network marketing success is going to depend highly on two key things:

  • Systems
  • Conversion

Let me explain. . .

Why Systems?

The number one reason I encourage you to immediately begin building your business with a systems mindset is because wealth is created by systems not by people.

Read that again and write it down.

It’s muy importante.

The second reason operating with a systems mindset is so important is because systems are what give you leverage and leverage is ultimately what leads to your financial freedom and your time freedom.

For example. . .

Every week my team and I conduct what we call Mental Toughness workouts for business owners.

We meet inside the Mental Toughness Gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

So what we’ve done to run our business efficiently and to provide us some leverage is created an automated communication ‘system’ that does all the heavy lifting for us.

This includes:

  • Sending out email reminders to our Mental Toughness Gym members
  • Sending out promotional messages to encourage new members to join us in the gym
  • Sending out follow up messages after our mental toughness workouts to remind those who couldn’t attend that the recordings are in the membership site

Are you seeing my point here?

Never do work a second time that can be automated.

It’s an inefficient use of your time and it kills your ability to create leverage and get momentum going in your business.

Systems matter.

Systems create wealth NOT people.

You can literally systematize 90+% of everything inside your business.

Here’s an example of a system we’ve setup to generate targeted leads for our business on autopilot.

Network Marketing Success With
Systematized Lead Generation

Part 1: Facebook Ad
Part 2: Landing Page to promote our offer
Part 3: Automated Webinar Platform to do the presenting
Part 4: Calendly tool to automate the scheduling of strategy sessions
Part 5: Zapier to setup communication between Calendly and our communication system ActiveCampaign
Part 6: Active Campaign (totally Ninja!) to do all the before and after communication with our strategy session clients.

Do you see the power in having a system setup like this?

Do you see how much time, effort, and energy we save from having to do all of that on our own every single time.

This system gives us leverage and that leverage gives us our time freedom.

Here’s a key additional benefit of having a system that you may not have considered:

Benefit: Creating your system forces you to think through the process you are using.

For example. . .

  • Where should my system start?
  • How do I smartly connect prospects to my system?
  • How does this system talk to the others systems in my business?
  • What is the ‘conversion’ goal of this system?
  • What tools/resources do I need to build this system?
  • How many times should I run my prospect through this system before I stop communicating with them?
  • What scripts or process documents do I need to create so I can eventually outsource the management and oversight of this system to free up my time to work on the next system?

Thinking through this process is powerful because it forces you to improve your business.

I guarantee your business will improve merely by forcing yourself to design your system.

It will reveal to you the gaps you have in your business thereby forcing you to close those gaps resulting in a better more valuable business.

Now you may be tempted to think, “Wow! That sounds like a lot of work.”

But this thought process is deceptive.

Look at it from this perspective.

Let’s use my example above with my lead generation system.

Let’s say that fictitiously running these steps in my lead generation process — all by myself — every single time requires 10 points of energy.

(*I’m making up the use of ‘energy points’ to make this clear)

Now let’s say that setting up the system requires 1,000 points of energy.

At first glance that looks crazy. . .

Why would I spend 1,000 points of energy when I can just do it myself and expend only 10 points?

This is shortsighted thinking, because creating the system (expending those 1,000 points of energy) not only forces you to improve your business model (a major benefit), but the long term return is the power of leverage and time freedom.

So you have to ask yourself this question: “How much is my time worth?”

It’s important you know that answer so you start valuing your time for what it’s worth.

Most don’t.

Most are struggling. Do you see the connection? 🙂

The system (at 1,000 energy points) may take you 30 days to set up, but it’s going to start paying you back immediately as you begin saving yourself 10 energy points every time the system runs those steps instead of your running them.

I encourage you to exercise a systems minded with a long term thinking approach in your business.

This one approach will ultimately lead to your time and your financial freedom.

Trust me on this one!

It’s the only reason that I’m in a position right now to be scaling our business to $250,000 per month.

You simply can’t scale without systems in place.

This is how all top producers build their business, so if I’ve yet to convince you and you’re thinking, “Forget that too much work,”. . . 

. . .then I encourage you to do it simply because you understand it’s a non-negotiable for becoming a top producer.

So that’s the ‘systems’ part of our Systematized Adventure Strategy.

Lets dive into part 2.

Part 2: Conversion

Conversion is the second key element that’s required for your network marketing success.

Conversion is simply the act of presenting enough value to your prospect that they decide to do business with you.

This may include:

  • buying your product
  • signing up for your service, or
  • joining your team to build the business with you

Conversion is the most important part of your business.

You can generate all the leads in the world there are to generate, but if you don’t have a systematized solution in place to convert them, then you’re going to forever struggle. . .

. . .and most do.

So how do you best convert your prospects into customers and/or team members?

Simple. . .

You take them on an Adventure.

Think about it from this angle: who doesn’t want to go on an adventure?

Do you?

I know I do.

Adventures are fun.

Adventures bring excitement and intrigue into our lives.

People will pay a lot of money and devote a lot of time for adventure experiences.

Just consider Disneyland, which millions of people pay thousands of dollars to attend every year.

Just consider the exotic safaris people spend thousands on.

What are these people paying for?

The Adventure.

Here’s a longer list. . .

  • The Lost World and Angel Falls in Venezuela
  • New Zealand’s Classic Trail
  • Australia’s Red Centre
  • Wadi Rum in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia
  • Ladakh and Stok Kangri, The Himalayas
  • Polar bear watching in Spitsbergen
  • Watching the snow leopards in Ladakh
  • A husky tour in Finland
  • White water rafting

. . .and the list goes on-and-on.

The adventure business has built a billion dollar+ economy.

Here’s what we know is proven to be fact – – people love adventures.

So. . .

Why not take your prospects and your customers on an adventure?

Start thinking of yourself as an Adventure Guide.

From the moment you meet a new prospect or potential customer start asking:

  • What is the adventure you are going to take them on?
  • Why should they choose you as their adventure guide versus one of your competitors versus just doing nothing at all?
  • Where can your prospects and potential customers go to learn more about the adventure you are inviting them into?
  • What makes your adventure unique?
  • What value do your prospects and/or customers get access to should they decide to take an adventure with you?
  • Where does your adventure play out — your website, your YouTube channel, your Facebook Fan Page, private in-person events, pictures on Instagram (a great idea if your business is connected to health products), other places. . .
  • How do you make it easy for your prospects and/or potential customers to take your adventure?
  • Do you have systems set up in your business that do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on continuing to create and to add value to your adventure experience?

Example. . .

One of the businesses that I run with my wife (who is a certified nutrition specialist) is an Eating Healthy Challenge.

What we do is invite people into the adventure of taking a 7 Day Eating Healthy Challenge.

Everyday my wife (through the use of our system) engages our prospects on this adventure with new healthy eating insights.

She then challenges them to take an action and share their feedback and results in a private Facebook Group.

It’s all part of a carefully and purposefully choreographed adventure.

We’ve thought painstakingly through the details as we continue to build new systems to support our creation so that we can continue to enhance the adventure.

What adventure can you create for your prospects and/or customers?

It’s critical that you truly look at this as an Adventure.

This isn’t just some cute play on words.

This is the secret sauce.

This is what your prospects and customers want.

Have fun with it.

Dream about it.

Test new ideas and systematize the ones that work the best.

This is what we mean when we say: Systematized Adventures.

This is the key to creating a raving fan base of new team members and customers who will never leave you, because none of your competitors are thinking this critically about their business.

Most are just desperate to make a sale.

So while they live in a state of desperation to sell something, you are going to stay focused as an Adventure Guide who is resilient in your pursuit to ‘serve’ (not sell, but serve) your prospects and/or clients by providing them a high-value adventure.

Then. . .

You’re going to systematize your adventure in order to provide you the ability to experience leverage and time freedom.

Do you see how this all comes together!

It’s a real game changer.

Chances are you’ve never heard this before, because nobody is doing it.

That spells B-I-G ADVANTAGE for you!

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Be Extraordinary!

Chris “Your Adventure Guide” White


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