I know what you’re thinking. . .

What the heck is a Guru Rebel and what does it have to do with my network marketing success?

It’s a fair question. It’s also an important question that has everything to do with your network marketing success as I’ll explain.

So let me start off with a definition.

I love definitions because I see words as real power. If you’re going to look at words as (real power too) I encourage you to get into the routine of defining your words.

Afterall. . .

If you were a “magic man” you wouldn’t walk around with a bunch of powerful spells in your pocket if you didn’t know what they were right?

Same thing here.

So let’s define it. . .

Guru Rebel defined: someone (anyone) who represents an idea, who trains with great discipline, mental toughness, and perseverance to become an influential teacher of said idea and then who rises in opposition against an established order.

It’s important to point out, I am not “The Guru Rebel” – – as if I own Guru Rebeldom.


I “am” a Guru Rebel.

One of many within Guru Rebeldom.

Back to the definition.

It raises two critical points.

Key Point #1: In order to be a Guru Rebel you must represent an idea.

So let me now draw you into this conversation.

What idea do you represent?

Please don’t overlook or shy away from this question. The idea you represent is the heart and soul of everything you do inside your business.

Without this core driving idea you’ll be forever relegated to fighting your way through the masses of network marketers who play the “me too” game.

Network Marketing Success | Don't Be A Mr Anderson

Like a bunch of agents in the matrix. Everyone looks the same. Acts the same. Does the same.

Here’s the problem with that scripted program for your life. . .

You aren’t the same.

It’s a false program.

You’re different.

Powerfully different.

Fascinatingly different.

Your difference is going to shine through for all the world to see when you get clear on the idea you’re represent [AND] when you take bold and courageous action to defend that idea and spread that idea to the world. . .

. . . specifically to your most loyal fans.

Your Tribe.

Those who sit up straight and take notice when they enter into contact with your idea.

This is where your true power lies my friend, and it’s worth every ounce of your being to define it, develop it, and defend it.

This is the secret of success.

The one that’s already inside you.

This leads to the second key point within our Guru Rebel definition.

Key Point #2: What established order are you rising against?

This is where we put the Rebel into the Guru.

You will be rising against two specific established orders that are very powerful and worthy opponents.

You’ll need everything you have to conquer them both and you must.

This is your duty here on earth as a Guru Rebel.

Established Order #1: Self

That’s right. . .

Until you conquer self you’ll never be able to fully defend your idea in the world.

You my friend are your biggest enemy.

You are the one who doesn’t believe wholeheartedly in your full power.


You are the one who doesn’t believe you have the ability to create major impact in the world by defending and spreading an idea that’s already inside you?


You are the one who doesn’t believe wholeheartedly you’re smart enough, worthy enough, capable enough to achieve each and every last dream you have popping into your mind on a daily basis.


You must conquer self first.

This is Mission Number One.

This is Code Red, because until you conquer self you’ll never fully step into your power, and guess what. . .

The world needs you (is desperately waiting for you) to step into your power.

This is not something you should be thinking “oh that would be nice. . . I really wish I could do that. . .”


This is your duty my friend.

It’s your moral obligation on this planet; your responsibility to the human race to conquer self by breaking out of your shell (the prison of your own mind) that’s been holding you back so you can defend and spread your idea to the world.

This is not some cute fun and games talk.

This is your legacy that’s at stake.

Your legacy matters, because you matter.

This is part of the “idea” that we defend and execute on here inside of the Guru Rebel Movement.

What idea then are you wanting and willing to defend?

This is arguably the question of all questions.

Write it in your journal and think on it with as much brain sweat that is required until you leap from your chair and shout the most awe-inspiring YES! to the world because you’ve got it.

Listen my friend. . .

You are a Guru Rebel.

It’s in your DNA.

It’s in your Blood.

It’s coursing through your bones as you read this.

How do you harness it?

You must conquer self.

Listen to this and then begin to rise in opposition never again to look back.

This leads me to the second established order that you are called – – as a Guru Rebel – – to rise in opposition against.

Established Order #2: The Enemy Within Your Tribe

It’s important you come to understand and believe wholeheartedly there is a TRIBE of people in the world who are vibrating at the same frequency as you are.

You and they are literally being drawn to one another.

Your TRIBE is not necessarily drawn to me nor is my TRIBE necessarily drawn to you.

Sure. . .

There may be some overlap here and there. (It’s possible)

But. . .

When you’re playing your game at “full power” I’ll never be able to connect with your Tribe on the level that you do.

This is a law of the universe.

This is why it’s your duty to step into your destiny as a Guru Rebel.

Your Tribe is waiting for you to do that.

They are counting on you to do that.

There are those within your Tribe that without you stepping into your place of power to defend and spread your “idea” they never will.

They need your example to be empowered inside of their own story.

So this is much, much bigger than you my friend.

The legacies of those in your Tribe are on the line.

May I challenge your T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G on this one?

Here’s goes with courageous love . . .

STOP being so selfish.

Stay with me here. I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m fighting for you right now.

I’m doing my best to free you from the prison of your own mind so you can take your power (your Extraordinary) to the world.

That’s what you want right!

Then STOP being so selfish with your power.

STOP keeping your Extraordinary bottled up inside.

STOP playing the victim by telling yourself it’s not there. . . by questioning just how significant it really is.

STOP living with a lack mindset by looking outside yourself in envy of others wanting to be like him or her.

STOP doubting yourself.

STOP living in F-E-A-R.

STOP being lazy with your thoughts and ideas.

STOP playing small in the world.

STOP looking outside yourself for all the answers. They are within.

STOP watching so much TV, which “open doors” into your mind that are killing you from the inside out. (Remember: Established Order #1 is Self)

STOP being selfish with the power you’ve been given by the creator.

The world deserves. . .

The world yearns. . .

The world (your Tribe specifically) is desperately crying out for you to STOP so that you can START.

START owning your power.

START cultivating the Extraordinary inside you.

START believing your success is guaranteed.

START seeing yourself as the CEO of a Global Marketing Firm that is willing to give anyone their shot at the title who is ready for it.

START dreaming again.

START making a commitment to develop your skills. Skills matter. Nobody is just going to hand this to you. You’ve got to take it.

START creating value for the marketplace that defends and spreads your “idea”.

START being a good steward to your Tribe. They need you to be a good steward.

START being a person of action.

START living with discipline.

START to leverage the power of consistency to empower you to be who you were destined to be – – Extraordinary.

START reading more. (less TV)

START “showing up” big in your mind every day. It starts with self.

Whatever you do just understand this. . .

You must first STOP in order to START.

You see. . .

The term Guru used to represent a respected position in society.

It used to stand for things like integrity, strong moral character, always looking out for and doing what’s best for your student/client. . .

. . .it used to stand for honor and for working with a “how can I serve you” mindset vs. “how can I sell you.”

People used to seek out guru’s for wise counsel and support rather than laugh or cringe at the very word.

Words are power.

We are here to defend the power of Guru.

So therefore. . .

I represent something much, much, bigger than myself.

I represent an idea.

This idea is a movement of like-minded entrepreneurs from all walks of life who have the courage to step into their place of duty and honor the power that is within.

We call ourselves Guru Rebels.

We are radical.

We are rebellious to the enemies in our story that serve the sole purpose of holding us back.

We believe the Guru Rebel Ethos is the true path to a life of abundance.

What do you believe?

If you’re with us in our beliefs then we invite you to join us in order to honor your duty to conquer self and to rise up in opposition against the enemies that lurk among the Tribe you’ve been called to serve.

You in?

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Sincerely and powerfully!

Chris “Cultivating the Rebel within” White


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