Read what I have to share with you below carefully. In fact, read it multiple times and commit it to memory. This is the stuff they don't teach you in hotel meetings, at home parties, or at your company convention.

This is stuff that gets talked about in the "backroom" with the network marketing elite.

Why doesn't this stuff get shared with you?  Because the dominate opinion is that you can't handle it . . . that you will become overwhelmed and quit on yourself. 

I disagree. I choose to believe in you. If you choose to believe in you then . . . 

Systematized Adventure Blueprint

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Before we get started here you may want to grab a cup-o-joe or your favorite beverage and then settle in with notepad and pen in-hand.

I’m taking you right into the deep end.

Okay, here we go . . . 

This is precisely how to become the best and most irresistible solution by creating a systematized adventure for your prospects.

Introducing The Systematized Adventure Blueprint

This blueprint has been designed for serious network marketers who are tired of small commission checks and who are finally ready to know and do what top recruiters do.

If that’s you then read on…

So consider this a roadmap of sorts.

It’s the same road map I used to become the top recruiter in my company.

It’s the same road map I’m using to scale my business to $250,000 per month as you’re reading this.

This roadmap has been battle tested, in the trenches of building real businesses under the careful scrutiny and optimization best practices of professionals.

In fact, close to half-a-million dollars has been invested through testing to create this failsafe, bulletproof roadmap that I’m now handing over to you on a silver platter. 

This blueprint has worked for me and it will work for you too. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, if you’ll give me your careful and undivided attention.

Why is this going to be so valuable to your business?

Because network marketers are STUCK.

Most of them.

In fact, like the vast majority of them.

I know this to be fact because I talk to 5 to 10 of them everyday on my coaching calls.

What I’ve been able to discern from my in-the-trenches research of what’s going on in our industry is this:

Network Marketers are stuck NOT because they are lazy and unwilling to work hard, but because nobody has shown them the blueprint for putting it all together in a very streamlined, systematic, smart way that fits the busy lifestyle of the average network marketer.

Nobody has done this until now. . . here inside my rabbit hole on my little corner of the intra-webs. 

Before now you had to invest thousands, and thousands of dollars inside of some program just to have the conversation I’m going to have with you here.

Know this . . .

What I’m going to share with you has the power to give you an unfair advantage (the one you’re looking for) in the marketplace by positioning you as the best and most irresistible solution for your prospects . . .


By taking them on a systematized adventure. (More on that in a minute, but first. . .)

Let me start our adventure together by saying – – Congratulations!

You’ve FINALLY made your way through all those rabbit holes on the internet to arrive here.

I call this my little corner of the intrawebs and I’m going to do two things for you now:

First, I’m going to make an airtight, bullet proof case for why this is the rabbit hole (The Guru Rebel Movement rabbit hole) that you want to permanently plant your flag in…

… the place you want to anchor your thinking and skill development around in order to grow into the Extraordinary (Guru Rebel) entrepreneur that you are.

Do you believe it? 


I’m going to prove to you now why my team and I are the superior solution for you IF you’re serious and committed to playing big in this world as an entrepreneur.

The desire for BIG must exist in your vocabulary.

If not, then come back when you’re ready because this is going to be a crash course in the advanced stuff that us top producers use to C-R-U-S-H the competition.

Second, if you stick around to the end, I’m going to give you The Most Incredible Offer you’ve ever seen.

It’s been uniquely and purposefully designed to launch you onto the fast track for creating your own Systematized Adventure Blueprint.

There is just one catch…

If you’re truly ready I’ll tell you what the one catch is on the next page . . . 

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