Systematized Adventure Blueprint

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So the one catch is this…

You must read through everything I have to share with you here, because I’m going to leave some clues in my thoughts below that you will need to have in order to take advantage of The Most Incredible Offer Ever.


Why am I willing to make such an incredible offer when I don’t even know you?

It’s a great question that will make crystal clear sense for you by the end, but first…

…let’s talk Game Planning.

Game Planning

As we step into the Game Planning phase of your business there are two two critical questions you should be asking yourself right now:

Question 1: Why should your driving focus be on creating a Systematized Adventure for your prospects?

Question 2: Why am I the guy to teach you how to do it better than anyone else?

These are great questions. I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Let’s start with question 1…

Question 1: Why should your driving focus be on creating a Systematized Adventure for your prospects?

This is a two part answer.

Part 1 is that all wealth is created by systems NOT by people.

Write that down.

Seems weird to wrap your mind around considering the fact we live inside of an industry that pushes and preaches people, people, people through recruit, recruit, recruit.

So this systems idea is totally counter-intuitive as a first priority of f-o-c-u-s . . .

. . . but, it’s part of the secret sauce known by all the gurus here in the back room, which is exactly why I’m exposing it for you now. . .

. . .because I’m just not a big fan of keeping secrets.

"All wealth is created by systems
not by people."
- Dan Kennedy, Top Marketer On The Planet

Here’s a simple and very powerful success principle for you: When everyone is Zigging you Zag.

You’ve heard that before right?

It’s true. So, so, so true.

Especially here.

So ask yourself this: What is the one primary thing that 99% of network marketers are focused on more than anything else?

  • Building Systems?
  • Recruiting?
  • Something else perhaps?

Gosh I wish the questions on my tests at officer training school in the military were this easy.

The answer of course is recruiting . . . right?


So, if we are wanting to honor the principle of success I shared (Zig when everyone else is Zagging) then we want to SMARTLY do the opposite.

I threw the word SMARTLY in there, because there are a lot of opposite approaches you can take, but only a few of them are going to move you closer very quickly to the land of riches you deserve to have in your business.

One of those few smart choices is to focus on building a system.

In my career I’ve been fortunate to work very closely with 17 multi-million dollar producers. Seven of them top recruiters on the planet.

One of those 17 was a guy by the name of Randy Gage.

Randy is arguably one of the brightest thinkers and successful network marketers on the entire planet.

Definitely at the top of the list of 17 I mentioned.

Randy once told me this:

Focus on building the system and the system will bring the people.


That is a million dollar nugget I just dropped on your dome right there. Write that one down too.

You’re welcome. 🙂

The system will bring the people and the system will in-turn create the wealth.

Got it.


Start thinking about everything you do in your business in terms of “systems”.


Part 2

Now, let’s cover part 2 of the question: Why should your driving focus be on creating a Systematized Adventure for your prospects?

Part 2 is all about the Adventure.

Let me give you my definition:

Adventure defn.: to willingly engage in an unusual, exciting and typically risky exploration of unknown territory.

That’s what an adventure is.

Just think about that for a moment with me…

  • Who doesn’t like to go on an adventure?

  • Who doesn’t like a good adventure story?

  • Who doesn’t want a little more adventure in their life?

  • Isn’t working alongside someone who is a bit unusual at the very least interesting, if not exciting and desirable? Would you rather work with someone who is “same-old-same-old’? Of course not. Neither does anyone else. 

  • Who doesn’t want a little more exciting in their life?

  • Isn’t building a business… chasing your dream… going for it… developing your full potential… living life on your own terms… isn’t that inherently understood to be risky? Isn’t this going to require some exploration of some unknown territory in your life? Of course it is. 

These are all reasons why I encourage you – with all my heart and soul – to start seeing yourself as an Adventure Guide to your prospects.

So how do you become a successful, highly paid and sought after Adventure Guide?

Lets talk through that on the next page . . . 

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