Systematized Adventure Blueprint

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The key to becoming the best Adventure Guide you can be is fully stepping into and fully owning your own Extraordinary.

Think of it this way…

What would have happened had Superman never gotten out of the phone booth?

It would have been a tragedy of E-P-I-C proportions.


Because the story of Superman would have never been told.

The same is true for your prospects…

They are just waiting for you to come along, open up their phone booth and offer to lead them on an adventure to share their Extraordinary with the world.

This is important to really get. . . 

Thousands, and thousand of your prospects (the type of prospect you’re uniquely designed and called to

serve) are living in fear around the idea of chasing their dreams. . .

. . .fact-of-the-matter is. . . 

. . .they just don’t have the courage to get out of their phone booth on their own.

They need you.

They are waiting for you.

Quite literally.

They don’t (and will never) resonate with me or anyone else, but they will resonate with you.

Don’t ask me why this is.

It’s just the way it is.

My personal hypothesis is that it’s got to do with the frequency that each of us vibrate at. We all vibrate to different frequencies you know.

Kinda weird, but very cool at the same time.


Now this is going to require some “Game Planning” on your part to create the Adventure your prospects are going to take with you.

This is the “work” part of Net’work’marketing 99% of the industry wants to just skip over.

It’s sad and unfortunate, because this is the most fun part of the entire Adventure creating process.


To do this at a high level you’re going to want some key tools and resources that empower you to step into your Extraordinary so you can start creating this adventure.

Here’s three of my best Fast Start Tips:

Tip #1: Signup for a FREE account.

This is where you’re going to start recording your ideas and saving the resources you come across that will ultimately empower you to create your Adventure Guide.

It’s all literally inside your mind right now.

It’s just all jumbled up in your subconscious, because you’ve never taken the time or made the effort to get your subconscious focused on it.

Now that you will being doing that you’re going to need some place to smartly organize your ideas as they come out of your brain.

This idea organization piece is c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l.

Evernote has my entire Adventure in it and yours will too.

Why Evernote?

It’s a cloud based application, which means you can access it from any device that connects to the internet (computer, phone, tablet) with just one simple password.

Pretty cool. 

This is perfect for recording ideas as they come to you from your own creative intuition and I promise you…

… your brilliant ideas will come once you start telling your subconscious you are an Adventure Guide.

Trust it.

Tip #2: Discover Your DNA

As a successful Adventure Guide you must know your DNA.

My team and I also like to call this your Tribal Smell.

It’s what makes you stand out in our overcrowded marketplace.

It’s your AWESOME

…and man-o-man do you have a lot of AWESOME in you!

Think about your AWESOME as encompassing your strengths, your values, the fascination elements of your personality, etc.

Everyone has AWESOME in them.

Most, however, are afraid to punch fear in the face and then open up that phone booth to share their awesome with the world.

Not you!

Knowing your strengths is going to help you market yourself and position yourself in front of your most ideal prospects.

You’ll do some of this in a bio (perhaps on the About page of your website) and through some videos I’ll help you understand how to create.

I’ve got a really killer video strategy for doing this like a pro and nobody is doing it, but before I share it with you understand this . . . 

The key here is that every prospect who crosses your path is going to be thinking to themselves this key question:

Why should I hire you as my Adventure Guide versus one of your competitors versus doing nothing at all?

You’re going to build an airtight compelling answer to this question in your prospects mind by letting them know what your strengths are in no uncertain terms and with great conviction.

You’re going to “Own Your Awesome!

This leads me to the action step for Tip #2.  

Your action step is to take the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test and to keep your results in your Evernote for easy recall as you’re creating your Adventure Guide. 

Tip #3: Discover Your Fascinate Advantage

This tip is going to be a continuation of helping you identify your DNA (Tribal Smell) so you can step into your AWESOME in a more significant way.

You’re going to do this step for all of the same reasons I mentioned above in Tip #2.

This one is super fun too.

Go here to get your Fascinate Advantage Profile.

I recommend you invest in the $47 or the $97 program.

Totally worth it!

Remember, you’re now an Adventure Guide and before any prospect is going to take any action with you they are going to ask themselves this question:

Why should I choose you as my Adventure Guide over your competition versus doing nothing at all?

Knowing and defining your AWESOME (with your fascination advantage as part of that) is going to empower you to make an airtight argument with your prospects. . . 

. . .one that makes you the best and most irresistible solution they simply can’t say no to.

So you must know what makes you Fascinating.

Trust me on this one.

You’re going to absolutely love it! 

One of the things you’ll learn how to do is create your 7 word bio. Here’s mine:

Agent of Hope. Determined Outlook. Ollin Ethos.

Ollin is a word that means to move and to act now by following your path in life wholeheartedly.

Okay. . .

Make sure to take those three key tips seriously.

It’s a great, great start to help you jumpstart the creation of your Adventure Guide. . .

. . .think about it this way. . .

Somewhere at the beginning of your Adventure Guide will be a page that reads: Meet Your Adventure Guide.

Side note: When I say “Adventure Guide” I’m not necessarily referring to a literal guide like a printed piece of material. Your Adventure Guide makes up the totality of the Adventure you create. 

This may include your website, emails you send, videos you create, products/services/programs you offer. 

That’s what I mean. 

So. . .

If the page about you isn’t compelling nothing else matters [AND] you my friend have a TON of compelling AWESOMENESS inside you. . .

You just have to make the decision to NOT be lazy like 99% of people and go find it.

But don’t go do that now. . .

I’ve got some more killer stuff to teach you, especially the next part. 

It’s S-U-P-E-R importante!

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